Cyclomune Eye Drops (Cyclosporine) - 0.05% (3mL)

Cyclomune Eye Drops (Cyclosporine) - 0.05% (3mL) P1
  • Cyclomune Eye Drops (Cyclosporine) - 0.05% (3mL) P1

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Brand Name : Cyclomune

Generic Name: Cyclosporine |

Manufacturer : Sun Pharma

About Cyclomune:

Cyclomune Eye Drops (Cyclosporine) is a medicine that is used in treating some eye conditions. It is an ophthalmic liquid solution known as immunomodulator which works to reduce eye dryness by increasing the production of tears. It also can be used to reduce swelling of the eye, irritation, and inflammations of the eye.

How to use Cyclomune

Cyclomune eye drops should be applied directly to the eye as prescribed by a physician or mostly, twice per day. Evenly space the time for applications to be at 12hour intervals for a regular application routine and also not to miss a dose. The length of treatment, just as dosage will differ on an individual basis depending on the condition being treated and its severity. This is why the medicine should not be taken without a doctor’s prescriptions. Just before you start applying for the medicine, shake it while turning it upside down so that you can obtain a uniform white mixture of the medicine. Then tilt your head to a back position slightly then open your eyes widely by pulling the lower eyelid for each eye respectively. Place the dropper above your eye, look away from it then squeeze a single drop. Close your eyes for up to 3 minutes and press your tear duct just in case there is any leakage of the medicine. Repeat this process for the other eye or as and when necessary. Do not use the medicine while having your contact lenses on.

Cyclomune Dosage

Use Cyclomune only as prescribed by your physician. Use of this medicine may require the use of artificial eyes which should not be put on, not at least after 15 minutes of application. Do not take multiple doses at the same time or alter the dosage given to you by your physician. Be careful when applying for the medicine and keep it safe away from contamination. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

Cyclomune Side Effects

When using Cyclomune, you may experience undesired side effects. Your physician will check your condition and inform you about the side effects you most likely will experience. However, common side effects that you can expect include; tears overflow, discharges from the eye, blurry vision, eyes becoming red, itchiness or a burning sensation in the eye as well as feeling as if there is something in the eye. These are just but the common side effects that are normal to experience. Should any of these symptoms persist or worsen, consult your physician. Severe side effects that should prompt you to consult your physician immediately they are noticed include; skin rashes, hives, chest tightness, swelling and difficulties in swallowing, breathing or both.

Cyclomune Precautions

Always clean your hands before application and do not touch the dropper as this would only contaminate the medicine which may lead to the development of infections. Recap your medicine immediately after using it. Droppers should be discarded immediately after the dosage is complete and should never be re-used even if you are continuing with the medication. If you suffer from any allergic conditions when using Cyclomune, immediately seek medical attention. This medicine may interact with other medication, and hence, it is important that you notify your physician about other prescribed or non-prescribed medication you are using including herbal products and supplements altogether. Use the medicine only as prescribed and do not adjust your dosage.