Cobix (Celecoxib) - 100mg (10 Capsules)

Cobix (Celecoxib) - 100mg (10 Capsules)
  • Cobix (Celecoxib) - 100mg (10 Capsules)

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Brand Name : Cobix

Generic Name: Celecoxib |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Cobix: The medication exists as capsules under the brand name of Cox. The leading manufacturer of this drug is none other than Cipla Limited. Its main active ingredient is known as Celecoxib 100mg 0r 200mg. As you visit the pharmacy, you will find it enclosed in a blister that contains ten capsules.

How to use Cobix

The generic Cox capsules are used to treat major joint pains, tenderness, swelling and stiffness of arthritis. It is used to relieve short-term period cramps when a woman is going through her menses. During dental surgeries, it can also be used to relieve the pain. Since it is a major pain reliever, it can be used to treat varied medical conditions. This means that the condition will continue to exist even as the pain is whisked away.

During the pain reliving process, the hormones that cause pain are prevented from resurfacing. People with hereditary colon polyps can also use the drug as pain relievers. It is advisable to take the capsules with milk to prevent stomach upsets.

Cobix Dosage

For osteoarthritis, the patient is supposed to take the 100mg capsules orally twice on a daily basis. Rheumatoid Arthritis patients can take the 100mg or 200mg twice daily while those who are experiencing acute joint pain can take the 400mg at first. After that, they can proceed with the 200mg dose twice daily as directed by the doctor. All these cases need to be monitored by the doctor for them to work successfully.

Cobix Side Effects

The most common side effects include; edema, upper respiratory tract infections, drowsiness, runny stomach, rashes, dyspepsia and abdominal pains. Report to the nearest medical facility in case you experience the following side effects; shortness of breath, coughing up blood, bloody stools, and frequent urination among others.

Cobix Precautions

An allergic reaction is an indication that the patient is hypersensitive to sulfonamides. This also applies to patients with chronic asthmatic diseases. They need to be closely monitored to prevent triggering of the chronic ailments.

A patient that has just undergone a major heart surgery need to discontinue the use of such medicines since it can cause major cardiac arrest.